About Our Mission

At Aspire NJ our mission is to improve the quality of life for NJ Youth and their families by compassionately serving their social emotional, educational and community support needs. We meet the professional standards in our field and continuously improve all aspects of our work. We reduce stigma to increase access to mental health services and increase awareness of the benefits of treatment.

# Our Team

Meet Our Experts

We hand-select top experts who are dedicated to helping you feel better, no matter what you are going through.

Davida Cummins

Founder/Managing Partner MSEd, LPC, MFT, NCC

Nicole Alvarez, LCSW

Clinical Director

Dr. Karina Barro-Sepe, LPC


Christina Bigitschke, LSW

Clinical Consultant

Dr. Sheena Smith, LPC

Clinical Consultant

Helen Cho, LCSW


Adham Emera, LAC


Jasmine Rivera, LSW


Edith Mejia

Behavioral Assistant

Leah Gomez

Behavioral Assistant

Want to Join our Team

Working with the youth/adolescent is a gift, being welcomed into their world is a privilege. Establishing a connection requires consistency and patience. Aspire NJ is looking for these qualities and then some! Please send your completed applications to info@aspirenjyouth.org or